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Successful pig farming

It is a favorite dish for many citizens of the world, which makes it a must in agribusiness. This e-learning video training covers all aspects of pig farming, commonly called "Pork...

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Pig farming, which consists in the production of pork meat, is a profitable activity, which occupies a special place in human nutrition, provided that expensive methods and parameters linked to the site, the building, feed, nutrition, and health of pigs are well managed. The consumption of pork meat is mostly a favorite dish for a large number of people around the world; which makes this animal an essential link in the preparation of various dishes for human subsistence. 

Pig farming remains an essential added value in the practice of agribusiness; thus, this training integrates all the interesting aspects which enter in the practice of this breeding. In these online video courses, the topics covered are : 

  • Criteria for a good pig breeding site
  • Breed models of pigs to be reared 
  • The characteristics of a building's installations 
  • Health management of pigs 
  • References to consider for good pig nutrition 
  • Understanding pig nutrition 

This training lasts 1h 18min.

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What you will learn

  • How to choose a site
  • How to install and control building properties
  • How to recognize the criteria for choosing the right breed of pigs
  • Understanding pork nutrition
  • Understand the nutrition of pigs.


  • Les propriétés d'un bon bâtiment
  • Les propriétés du bâtiment
  • Le batiment
  • La bonne race de porc: les critères de selection
  • La bonne race de porc: les critères de sélection (suite)
  • La bonne race de porc: les critères de sélection (fin)
  • Etude de quelques races
  • Comprendre la nutrition du porc
  • Alimentation du porc
  • Alimentation du porc (suite)
  • Alimentation du porc (fin)
  • Guide pratique pour réussir l'élevage des porcs


Loïc Kamwa Silatchom est un jeune entrepreneur dans l'agrobusines, agriculteur et elevaur dans ses ferme à Bafia au Cameroun.  Il est diplômé du PKFokam Institute of Excellence de Yaoundé et titulaire d'un baccalauréat en administration des affaires de la SUNY Canton State University de New York. Il est également le promoteur du  centre de formation professionnelle d'excellence en agriculture surnommé Agribusiness Academy à Bafia.



This course includes :
  • Une série de formations pratiques au format vidéo
  • Un guide pratique pour réussir la porciculture
  • Un certificat de réussite
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