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Making liquid soap

This training is a plus in the food processing industry, discover all the techniques for making liquid soap.

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In order to save more money, to avoid the spread of waste and to participate in the cleaning or protection of the environment, it is of course possible that we can make our own liquid soap for hand cleaning. The procedure seems to be simple and easy to do, but some precautions have to be taken into consideration regarding the manufacturer's body protection material. 

In order to reduce your daily expenses for hand cleaning, dishwashing and other household chores, our expert in food production in the manufacture of liquid beverages has made this training available to you, which will enable you to achieve a minimum turnover of about 2 million euros in two months with a lower capital cost. 

Indeed, in this course you will have the following modules: 

Module 1: presentation of liquid soap, materials and raw materials 

Module 2: practical 

Module 3: packaging and marketing your liquid soap production

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  • 1 - présentation du savon liquide
  • 2 - présentation du matériel
  • 3 - présentation des matières premières
  • 1 - Part 1
  • 2 - Part 2
  • 3 - Part 3
  • 4 - Part 4
  • 5 - Part 5

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